Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Goldies Dogs Valentines Day!

Goldie loved Valentines day! Well I don't know that he knew it was Valentines day but it was exciting nonetheless! 

Any holiday celebration usually meant things to be unwrapped- which he loved, extra special food smells-which he adored! and there was always the chance that at least some of it would fall on the floor while cooking or that it would end up in his food bowl - which it did !! :)

 Holidays meant treats for Goldie too and his own unwrapping to do. He was usually correct on both counts. It also usually meant more time with us, longer walks and games.

Every year that Goldie was with us he brought hubby and I a Valentine day card!. Hubby usually got up first and let Goldie out in the garden and fed him, then brought me up a mug of coffee and Goldie would follow proudly carrying Valentines day cards in his mouth, ever so gently, ever so proudly, head up, tail aloft. 

Of course we did not get our cards right away - oh no Goldie needed to do at least two laps around the bedroom before he could be gently persuaded that - in exchange for food treats - we would like our cards! 

Albeit it a bit soggy (the cards that is not us !!)  we then opened our cards, I always got one from Hubby, one from Goldie...I treasure them all...


Our treats were a lovely home cooked meal, and if the weather was nice enough a day out somewhere in the countryside. Goldie came with us of course. He was no gooseberry though, he was an integral part of our family. We loved him so much. 

Goldies treats were generally food orientated, a new Kong, a new Nylabone, dog chocolates. (never real chocolate of course as it is very poisonous to dogs.) Walks and hugs. 

We always enjoyed our Valentines days with dogs.

It was also nice to give something to our local dog rescue for the dogs in there that were yet found their loving home.  

So here is a Golden Mug for you while you might be planning your Valentines Day <3

I Love My Golden Retrievers (Multiple Dogs) Coffee Mug
I Love My Golden Retrievers (Multiple Dogs) Coffee Mug by thatsalottadogs
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If you need ideas for what to get your dog on Valentines day there are some very cute and lovely ones here Valentines Day For Dogs

Does your dog get a Valentines day ? 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Golden Christmas Wishes!

Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays from Goldie Paws In The Sand!

I hope you have a wonderful time over the holidays. Have fun and party like a Golden does !! 

Also a big THANK YOU to everyone who visited Goldies Blog this year. It means a lot to me that you visit and I do appreciate it. 

Wishing you a New Year filled with happiness, peace, good health and joy.  

 I am looking forward to sharing more stories and Golden moments with you next year!   

Thank You Golden Retriever Puppy & Kitten Card
Thank You Golden Retriever Puppy & Kitten Card by LoveandSerenity
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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Golden Retrievers Wonderful Christmas Day !

As December is here and our thoughts turn to Christmas I am reminded how much Goldie adored this time of year! 

We either spent Christmas at home, while he was with us, or if we did go away he came with us,  so to him it simply meant more time with us, lots of walks, lots of food smells and tasty treats.

Presents were amazing to him and got so excited and he got more fun filled walks too ! What more could a dog want :) Just look at that face in the first picture !

For us there was a pattern to the Christmas Day mornings we spent at home with Goldie, whether we had visitors or not. We usually cooked the main part of the meal the night before so the smells would waft throughout the house and Goldie would be expectantly looking to see when this food would actually appear! 

Anyway he patiently waited then trotted off to bed as normal and woke us up in his usual fashion the next day! 

Goldie was fed first then we started on the present opening. This was Goldies great excitement ! He took a while to get the hang of ripping apart the paper around the presents as if to say , "should I be doing this ? " but he soon got in the spirit of things. It was odd that he never ever any other time ripped anything apart, only Christmas day, under our close supervision. 

 He had many gifts over the years but consistently his all time faves were his Kongs and his Nylabones. 

 Then after our breakfast we got dressed and took him for a walk. Hardly anyone was ever around those cold crisp Christmas mornings and it was lovely and quiet and a sense of freedom. 

The occasional other dog walker would shout a hearty "Merry Christmas"  and we walked and played with our dogs. 

Back home and we started on the meal. Goldie was tired after his walk but managed to keep alert enough for anything that may drop onto the floor! That was of course fair game ! 

Then we had the Christmas meal, which pretty much Goldie slept through. He was never fed from the table so chose to catch some sleep on his comfy bed at this time.

Then after dinner and washing up we were off again!   It did not matter it was Christmas day, Goldie really needed at least two hours of walks a day and this day was no exception! No matter what the weather he loved his walks. So no snoozing off in front of the TV for us!!

Instead we got  a bracing walk, ball games and sometimes snow games with our dog and any guests brave enough to join us. We usually met up with some of his dog friends and they ran around the field, off lead, having a wonderful time!

We came home with faces glowing, laughing and with a usually muddy or wet but very happy dog! We loved it. 

Evenings were spent playing board games or talking, enjoying our gifts and watching a great film. Then regardless of what anyone was doing Goldie took himself off to bed at 10.30pm - his usual time.  All ready for more fun and games the next day ! 

Here are a few of Goldies fave Christmas GIfts ! 

and here is something to wrap them all up in - very cute Golden retriever in a Santa hat wrapping paper ! 

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, And Our Goldie.

We are putting up our Christmas tree today. I love putting the tree up and decorating it  with all the tree decorations we have used for years and added to throughout our married life as well. 

Of course when we had Goldie he thought this was a great cause for excitement! 

His face said it all - why was a TREE - that looked like a TREE but didn't smell like a TREE coming in the house ! There was a lot of sniffing and tail wagging ! 

Have to admit we had some qualms about it the first year as well, without going into too much detail, he was a male dog and trees were his fave choice to errr relieve himself !! 

Anyway I recall that first year when he was just over a year old we had a little talk and told him that this Tree was a special tree,  unlike any other and not to be peed on.....

 Well you know what.... he never did. What a good boy he was. 

He did love to "help" us with the decorations though and his tail wagged so fast when they came out of the box. We had to be so careful though as being a retriever, any stray ones  were fair game for retrieving, so this was a highly supervised operation!

Goldie had an incredibly soft mouth for carrying but tree decorations are dangerous and we kept him away from them, eventually with the bribery of his fave  Nylabone or his much loved Dog Kong Toy filled with something tasty  to keep him busy while  the "action" was ongoing. Once they were on the tree he lost all interest, so then we were good. 

However we NEVER left Goldie alone in a room with the decorations, just a risk we did not wish to take. 

We went for artificial trees in our home. We had a disaster one year with my previous dog, when she got a tree pine needle thorn stuck in her paw on Christmas eve and we had a mercy dash to the Vet Christmas eve night. She was a very stoic Labrador but this was painful even for her.  Not sure we were his fave customers that night, but she needed help and fast. So after that it was an artificial tree for us every time.  

So we learned our lesson and it also highlights what a dangerous time Christmas can be for pets. Be so careful about tree pine needles that may be stepped on  and ornaments than may be broken and  or even eaten! Best to keep presents out of the way in case of a chewing dog going right through them all and disappointed faces Christmas morning.
 Or worse an emergency  trip to the vet to have an operation to remove a "gift" from the dogs tummy! 

Food at this time of year is often of the dangerous sort for many pets. Never let your dog near chocolates or nuts or any of the rich food we suddenly start to eat. At best they will be ill and no one ever wants to clear up dog sick, at worst it could be fatal....

Goldie got his extra treats but they were a slice of turkey and a few dog treats, not too much just enough for  treat for him. He was more than happy and loved us playing games with him more.   

Christmas can be such a happy time and as long as pets are supervised and taken into account they can enjoy it too. If you have a dog though they will still need the same walks and time as of any other time of year. We loved those Christmas walks so much they are a joy !  

More on Goldies Christmas next time. ...

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Extreme Puppy Makeover- Kindness To A Dog Shelter.

I just had to share this wonderful video with you ! 

Its about a wonderful surprise and acts of kindness given to a Dog Rescue centre and  it is amazing !!!

Please watch the video :) Every view helps.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cool Paws Dog Bowl!

Just a short interlude in the tales (tails!) of our Golden boy to let you know about this very cool dog bowl I found.

It is on Zazzle and is unique and can be customised too with your own dogs name and your own dogs image too which makes it very special.

 It comes in medium or large sizes  either 5.75 inches or 7 inches in diameter and is both dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

Great for dog food or as a water bowl this is a lovely item to have in your home.

I just think this would make such a wonderful gift  either for your own dog or a friend/family members dog. 

Perfect Christmas pressie for any dog lover or your own dog and how cute are those paw prints :) 

I know Goldie would have loved it too ! 

Hound Dog Food Bowl
Hound Dog Food Bowl by dogpawsitivetidbits
Look at more Hound dog Pet Bowls at zazzle

If you would like to purchase this from Zazzle UK please use this link Hound dog Food Bowl

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Missing Our Goldie...

Missing Goldie a lot today, I don't know why in particular this day....missing him with a smile.

Maybe its the Autumn leaves he loved to wade around and jump into, a big goofy look on his face! 

Maybe its meeting so many dogs today at the Farmers market. 

Maybe its digging in the autumn soil, without my "helper" digger by my side but remembering the echo of that particular form of fun and games!

Maybe its the way the sun shines through the yellow and golden leaves right now and recalling how much our Golden boy loved this time of year. Cool enough to be energetic and fun. Warm enough for long walks and then after, cosy evenings by the fire.

Maybe its the memory of his soft warm fur and his melting eyes and his huge loving heart.

Maybe its the amazing thrill and excitement in his whole body when a lead was produced and the promise of a walk was near, even though we had only been out two hours before!

Missing our road trips where we go for a drive just anywhere, me, my hubby and Goldie, to explore somewhere for a new walk, the beach or the forest, pull the car in and take a walk....

I am indeed so happy and grateful for those times.

I know he is always beside us anyway, I feel his presence often

Listening to this video track reminds me of those days

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