Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Goldies Dogs Valentines Day!

Goldie loved Valentines day! Well I don't know that he knew it was Valentines day but it was exciting nonetheless! 

Any holiday celebration usually meant things to be unwrapped- which he loved, extra special food smells-which he adored! and there was always the chance that at least some of it would fall on the floor while cooking or that it would end up in his food bowl - which it did !! :)

 Holidays meant treats for Goldie too and his own unwrapping to do. He was usually correct on both counts. It also usually meant more time with us, longer walks and games.

Every year that Goldie was with us he brought hubby and I a Valentine day card!. Hubby usually got up first and let Goldie out in the garden and fed him, then brought me up a mug of coffee and Goldie would follow proudly carrying Valentines day cards in his mouth, ever so gently, ever so proudly, head up, tail aloft. 

Of course we did not get our cards right away - oh no Goldie needed to do at least two laps around the bedroom before he could be gently persuaded that - in exchange for food treats - we would like our cards! 

Albeit it a bit soggy (the cards that is not us !!)  we then opened our cards, I always got one from Hubby, one from Goldie...I treasure them all...


Our treats were a lovely home cooked meal, and if the weather was nice enough a day out somewhere in the countryside. Goldie came with us of course. He was no gooseberry though, he was an integral part of our family. We loved him so much. 

Goldies treats were generally food orientated, a new Kong, a new Nylabone, dog chocolates. (never real chocolate of course as it is very poisonous to dogs.) Walks and hugs. 

We always enjoyed our Valentines days with dogs.

It was also nice to give something to our local dog rescue for the dogs in there that were yet found their loving home.  

So here is a Golden Mug for you while you might be planning your Valentines Day <3

I Love My Golden Retrievers (Multiple Dogs) Coffee Mug
I Love My Golden Retrievers (Multiple Dogs) Coffee Mug by thatsalottadogs
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If you need ideas for what to get your dog on Valentines day there are some very cute and lovely ones here Valentines Day For Dogs

Does your dog get a Valentines day ?