Wednesday, 10 December 2014

A Golden Retrievers Wonderful Christmas Day !

As December is here and our thoughts turn to Christmas I am reminded how much Goldie adored this time of year! 

We either spent Christmas at home, while he was with us, or if we did go away he came with us,  so to him it simply meant more time with us, lots of walks, lots of food smells and tasty treats.

Presents were amazing to him and got so excited and he got more fun filled walks too ! What more could a dog want :) Just look at that face in the first picture !

For us there was a pattern to the Christmas Day mornings we spent at home with Goldie, whether we had visitors or not. We usually cooked the main part of the meal the night before so the smells would waft throughout the house and Goldie would be expectantly looking to see when this food would actually appear! 

Anyway he patiently waited then trotted off to bed as normal and woke us up in his usual fashion the next day! 

Goldie was fed first then we started on the present opening. This was Goldies great excitement ! He took a while to get the hang of ripping apart the paper around the presents as if to say , "should I be doing this ? " but he soon got in the spirit of things. It was odd that he never ever any other time ripped anything apart, only Christmas day, under our close supervision. 

 He had many gifts over the years but consistently his all time faves were his Kongs and his Nylabones. 

 Then after our breakfast we got dressed and took him for a walk. Hardly anyone was ever around those cold crisp Christmas mornings and it was lovely and quiet and a sense of freedom. 

The occasional other dog walker would shout a hearty "Merry Christmas"  and we walked and played with our dogs. 

Back home and we started on the meal. Goldie was tired after his walk but managed to keep alert enough for anything that may drop onto the floor! That was of course fair game ! 

Then we had the Christmas meal, which pretty much Goldie slept through. He was never fed from the table so chose to catch some sleep on his comfy bed at this time.

Then after dinner and washing up we were off again!   It did not matter it was Christmas day, Goldie really needed at least two hours of walks a day and this day was no exception! No matter what the weather he loved his walks. So no snoozing off in front of the TV for us!!

Instead we got  a bracing walk, ball games and sometimes snow games with our dog and any guests brave enough to join us. We usually met up with some of his dog friends and they ran around the field, off lead, having a wonderful time!

We came home with faces glowing, laughing and with a usually muddy or wet but very happy dog! We loved it. 

Evenings were spent playing board games or talking, enjoying our gifts and watching a great film. Then regardless of what anyone was doing Goldie took himself off to bed at 10.30pm - his usual time.  All ready for more fun and games the next day ! 

Here are a few of Goldies fave Christmas GIfts ! 

and here is something to wrap them all up in - very cute Golden retriever in a Santa hat wrapping paper ! 

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