Sunday, 2 November 2014

Missing Our Goldie...

Missing Goldie a lot today, I don't know why in particular this day....missing him with a smile.

Maybe its the Autumn leaves he loved to wade around and jump into, a big goofy look on his face! 

Maybe its meeting so many dogs today at the Farmers market. 

Maybe its digging in the autumn soil, without my "helper" digger by my side but remembering the echo of that particular form of fun and games!

Maybe its the way the sun shines through the yellow and golden leaves right now and recalling how much our Golden boy loved this time of year. Cool enough to be energetic and fun. Warm enough for long walks and then after, cosy evenings by the fire.

Maybe its the memory of his soft warm fur and his melting eyes and his huge loving heart.

Maybe its the amazing thrill and excitement in his whole body when a lead was produced and the promise of a walk was near, even though we had only been out two hours before!

Missing our road trips where we go for a drive just anywhere, me, my hubby and Goldie, to explore somewhere for a new walk, the beach or the forest, pull the car in and take a walk....

I am indeed so happy and grateful for those times.

I know he is always beside us anyway, I feel his presence often

Listening to this video track reminds me of those days

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