Friday, 3 October 2014

Goldie Our Comfort Dog.

I am not feeling very well today. I haven't been ill with a virus in years but I have felt it coming on for a few days now and yesterday, when I was having a wonderful day out, by the end of the day it started to hit me.

Today I do feel under the weather, my head and throat hurts and my sinuses, I do not need to be poorly right now, I have so much to do ! I am sure it will go away very soon ! Anyway I cannot stop today. Hubby is at work. I miss our Goldie.

I am reminded that on the rare occasions I was ill he seemed to just know. Instead of fetching his tug toy or ball to play, play, play! he would sit next to me with a very serious expression on his face and solemnly give me his paw. He was just the same if my Husband was ill.

He was happy to sit like that for hours if need be. I have been known to fall asleep with his paw in my hand....

He never pestered for a walk or food or anything. (and food and walks were very important to our Goldie !) He was just content if I was really poorly with flu or something, to lie by the side of the sofa or bed. He seemed to worry though and would gently "talk" or woof at me if I had been,  in his mind, asleep for too long!

Hubby had to really encourage him to leave me and go for a walk and apparently he could not wait to get back!

Once I started to get better his mood changed and the toys and games would come out again :)

 Amazing how that quiet company of a warm, comforting, tolerant dog when you feel poorly is very healing and soothing.

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