Sunday, 19 October 2014

Cats and Dogs - Cat Pirates!

Goldie never had to share his home with a cat. So we never had this problem of a cat stealing his bed! 

However he was never quite sure about cats really. 

He would watch the neighbourhood cats as they sat grooming themselves on our fence or sauntered slowly past the glass patio doors without a care in the world. 

The cats would just look down at him in a somewhat superior fashion and he would look at them slightly panting and often drooling! His great banner of a tail slightly waving in an uncertain manner. This could go on for half an hour at a time sometimes. 
He would look at me as if to say well what am I supposed to do with that ! 
He never barked or tried  to chase them. Of course it may have been different if they had tried to get in his bed!

 I think cats were a puzzle to Goldie for the whole of this life ! 
I hope you enjoy this very cute video about cats stealing dog beds and  wonder who are you rooting for - the dog or the cat  ? 

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