Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Goldies First Night Home...

Goldie came to our home at about 3pm one Saturday. We let him roam around the garden and explore the house room by room, then we all went for a walk. He had his dinner then we all settled down. He was nice and sleepy tired. It had been a big day for him and us. 

When it came to bedtime, one of the "rules" we had set was no dogs in the bedroom. We knew he was used to sleeping downstairs in the kitchen, so we set up a cosy bed for him there and said calm good nights and went upstairs.

All was quiet for a good thirty minutes and we thought he had gone to sleep and were just saying how easy that was when we heard a pitiful cry! We stuck it out for a short time then went down to see him. 

He grabbed a toy, greeted us with a big happy face, and wagging tail. We settled him again went back upstairs and within ten minutes it all began again. He didn't bark just a heart rending whine and cry. It was heartbreaking and we could not stand it. 

After two hours of this -up and downstairs- we had  had enough! We went and got him and brought him and his bed upstairs into our bedroom. After all he had  had a big day and it was only for one night.....He immediately curled up in his cosy bed and went fast asleep and we heard nothing again until 8am the next morning! 

Yes it was only for the one night, of course! However you will not be at all surprised if I tell you that  Goldie slept soundly in his own bed in our bedroom every night for the next ten years!

The weird thing was that he would quite happily stay downstairs with no problems whenever he stayed at my parents house, or on occasions he stayed over at our dogsitters, but never with us. If we were there he had to be with us. 

Honestly we wouldn't have had it any other way. If we ever get another dog we will certainly have them sleep in their own bed in the bedroom with us. 

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