Monday, 1 September 2014

Golden Retriever Love At First Sight

Our first sight of our gorgeous golden retriever boy was on a Spring day at his breeders home. We rang the doorbell and through the door could see two flashes of gold and waving tails. As the door opened we saw Mum a beautiful serene deep golden girl with a striking banner of a tail. She had that smile many Golden's have and everything about her said love.

Close behind her was her son, our Goldie to be. He was a long legged, slightly skinny, happy boy. He had a stick for tail still, yet to grow into his beautiful banner. His ears were considerably darker than his body, very soft, warm and silky. Large puppy paws were offered in greeting, following his Mums lead. He had the most beautiful face with dark, kind, gentle eyes. 

I was practically in love already! We went inside and he and Mum were fussy, friendly dogs. He was six months old, going to be a pet or perhaps for breeding but he had a missing tooth so could not be bred from. So he was to be reluctantly sold. We asked lots of questions and spent a long time playing with him and took him for  a walk and by the time he had finished playing and fussing and was curled up in a ball beside his Mum my husband and I were utterly and totally lost in his Golden charisma... 

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