Saturday, 27 September 2014

Goldie And The Mystery Of The Disappearing Shoes...

A few weeks after we started living with Goldie we noticed a very strange occurance... 

Previous to Goldie sharing our home we had shoes and socks in their proper places  and shoes were usually lined up in their pairs waiting to be worn. 

We didn't have a shoe rack as such but a place in the bedroom where mine and my hubbys shoes lived. 

OK so the strange happening was noticed one Monday morning. I was getting ready for work and at that time I worked in an office and we had to wear smart shoes, so I wanted my black court shoes. I found only one, the left one...where was the right one? Yikes!! I looked all over, time was getting on and no matter where I looked I could not find that shoe!! 

Clearly I couldn't go to work with one black court shoe so I had to wear my brown ones which really didn't go with the outfit - oh well. 

A few days later and my husband was looking for his black shoes. The left one was no where to be found, we searched but to no avail. Next day my red shoe - just one went missing! Then my husbands right trainer! 

How was it that these things kept disappearing ?  

Well you guessed it from the photo :) Goldie just loved to carry and just adored our shoes and socks.

Whenever he missed us he would go and select a shoe or a sock and take it to his bed and somehow cover it up with his blankets and toys etc so it was well hidden but he knew where it was. He also had a stash behind the sofa if he got a lot! We never thought to look there ! 

We think he found it comforting. We never left him for more than a couple hours on his own but he wanted to have something of ours with him when we were not there. 

In fact over the years if we were all in the living room reading or watching TV he would gently take a slipper from my husbands or my foot and hold it in his paws, placing his chin on it while he had a good sleep. 

He never once chewed or made a single mark on any of our shoes or socks though. He held them ever so gently in his mouth, just happy to have something of ours near him.  

Often we would be greeted in the mornings with a smelly sock he found in the laundry basket. That soon wakes you up !

Even visitors would be treated to a wonderful greeting from Goldie proudly holding one of our socks or shoes in his mouth which was something they just had to get used to I 'm afraid.  Some never returned LOL!!

I just thank goodness it was never underwear! 

Funny even now we have never gone back to our tidy ways and it doesn't really matter if shoes match the outfit does it. 

In fact still today we very often find a shoe is missing and then we smile ....

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